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Smart Aviation in co-operation with ANSP (NANSC) have the pleasure to introduce a unique service of Automatic Flight Inspection System (AFIS).

Smart Aviation aircraft King Air 350I is equipped with sophisticated equipment to perform multiple missions:

The AFIS is capable to perform multiple calibration tasks simultaneously, such as structure measurement for Glide Slope and Localizer together with Markers, DME and NDB during one approach. The AFIS also provides the ability to calibrate two en-route stations simultaneously while flying along one Radial, the so called dual radial procedure. i.e one single radial flight, two VOR / DMEs can be calibrated at the same time and so on.

Qualification of flight inspection system:

The Flight Inspection System is an automatic system, AD-AFIS-260, and configured to possess the following function

• Instrument Landing System, ILS CAT I, II, & III

• ILS markers, MKR.

• VHF Omni Directional Radio Range, CVOR / DVOR

• Distance Measuring Equipment, DME,

• Non Directional Beacon, NDB

• Direction Finding, VDF and UDF,

• Visual Approach Position Indicator, PAPI, VASI,

• Precision Approach Radar, PAR,

• Primary and Secondary Surveillance Radar, PSR / SSR with MODE A/C/S option.

• Area Navigation, RNAV, RNP based on both GNSS and Ground Navigational Aids.

• Standard Instrument Procedures, SID / STAR.

Service is performed by Smart Aviation highly trained Egyptian & German flight inspectors and pilots.

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