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Elite Medical Services


EMS is the first local organization operating in Egypt and the Middle East with the aim of providing health services of excellence and patient management to 360 ° in different configurations and conditions.
It’s internationally recognized that the Italian healthcare system is ranked top worldwide, providing  its patients with the best care, treatment and state of the art structures, innovated technologies, and latest medical devices.
EMS’ mission is to provide the Italian Healthcare Excellence to all international patients, helping our Clients find the appropriate solution to his condition.
We work in close collaboration with the best certified Hospitals and physicians in various fields of expertise, and we all are determined to be with the Client and accompany him through all the steps towards his treatment and recovery.

Elite Medical Services offers its clients the following services:

  • Medical Second Opinion: After collection of the medical records of the patient by our medical staff (Patient Case Manager), using tele-medicine we proceed with sending the medical records to the most appropriate professional (according to the medical area) in our partner hospitals. After studying the above documentation, the physician will confirm the previously made diagnosis or request further investigation.
  • Cross Border Care: In the event that the patient was diagnosed with a particular disease or would need post-traumatic or post-operative rehabilitation, on recommendation of the doctor or after consultation with our doctors/second opinion, he may choose to be treated in Italy in our partner hospitals. In this case, EMS as well as manage all the paperwork and patient management in the country of origin, will assist the customer until arrival at the hospital in Italy by providing a complete 360 degrees assistance, never leave him alone.
  • Air Ambulance and Repatriation: under particular severity of Egyptian or foreign patients living in Egypt and in the Middle Eastern area we offer, in partnership with Smart Aviation, a high quality air ambulance service and we provide complete patient management from the place of departure to the desired destination.

Our winning philosophy is to help you focus on your health by caring about our patient and his ease, evolving around the centrality of the person and the satisfaction of our Client’s health needs.

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